3 Best Car Battery Monitor(Buying Guide) 2024

3 Best Car Battery Monitor(Buying Guide) 2024
3 Best Car Battery Monitor(Buying Guide) 2024

Tired of charging your battery every time you turn on the headlights? Do you often just drain the battery? Instead of using a multimeter to test your car battery, You can monitor it 24/7 with a car battery monitor.

A simple device that will keep you informed of the charging status of the battery at all times. I think you already know that’s why you’re here. You’re looking for a recommendation to get what you want. You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a list of the 3 best car battery monitors in 2024. We’ll start with the best overall option and move on to more affordable budget options. If you’re only hearing about car battery monitors, read the buying guide at the end. We’ll explain what these monitors are and how they’re used, and most importantly we’ll help you choose the right product.

First I recommend understanding the voltage of the car battery in order to correctly analyze the information you see from the monitor.

Best Car Battery Monitor Comparison Table:

ProductFeaturesCheck Out The Price

– 12 V Battery Tester
– 4.0 Bluetooth
– Compact Design
– App Notifications
ANCEL Battery Monitor Bluetooth Voltmeter
– Volts Display
– Two USB Ports
– Overcharge Protection
– Compact Design
Jebsens Car Battery Monitor And Charger
– Charging Monitor
– LCD Display
– 12 V Battery
– Charging Test
Innova 3721 Battery And Charging System Monitor

Best Overall

ANCEL Battery Monitor Bluetooth Voltmeter

Highlighted Features

  • 12V Battery Tester
  • 4.O Bluetooth
  • Compact design
  • App notification
  • Voltage and charging test

The best and most expensive ANCEL battery monitor on this list covers most suitable types of 12V batteries. Presenting a design that you will surely love. A reliable and friendly battery performance test is not that expensive but it costs more than the average battery monitor.

A battery tester that you can connect to your phone for real-time monitoring. The tester is connected to the negative and positive terminals then it is connected to a smartphone. It is enabled with 4.0 Bluetooth technology where battery status can be monitored.

The monitoring system requires the installation of an app available for both iOS and Android devices. On the app Charging status, voltage status, and cranking can be tested and monitored. There is an alarm and smart notifications that inform the user about the battery status.

Compact design that users find convenient and easy to use The tester only needs to fix the battery then testing and monitoring the battery is as easy as opening the app on the smartphone. Long-range transmission is another user-friendly feature.

This was our top recommendation for the amateur-grade battery monitor for most car owners. I recommend it to anyone who needs a good and reliable monitor. Especially for car owners who already have some plug-ins in the auxiliary outlet.


  • 4.0 Bluetooth Fast Connection
  • Smart alarms & notifications through the app
  • Performs cranking & charging tests


  • Cannot connect to an auxiliary outlet.

Best budget

Jebsens Car Battery Monitor and Charger:

Highlighted Features

  • Volt Meter
  • Volt display
  • Two USB ports
  • Overcharge protection
  • Compact design

The Jebsens Carburetor Monitor is not a traditional tester, it is basically a charger that also displays the battery voltage. I recommend it as a budget option because there are no app notifications and alerts. Battery voltage is enough to tell if the battery is OK.

A combination of a voltmeter and car charger that connects to the car’s auxiliary outlet is a simple device with two USB ports and a display for voltage. Able to charge electronic devices such as iPhone (up to model X), Android devices, cameras, tablets, etc.

The dual USB ports are capable of charging the phone with 24W providing a maximum of 4.8 amps. A USB port charges up to 2.4 amps. It’s not a fast charger, but it still provides the same power as a plugged-in charger at home.

This eliminates the common problem in car chargers of overcharging the device. The charger has overcharge protection. It stops charging when the phone is fully charged A compact design where you can monitor the car voltage and charge your phone.

This was a recommended budget product. An unconventional battery monitor but effective and affordable. At a low price, you can get both a car battery monitor and a car charger, although there is no smart app.


  • A voltmeter is connected to the charger.
  • Protects devices from damage by protecting them from overcharging.
  • Gives a simple display with battery voltage.


  • There is no in-depth analysis of battery status.

Best Runner-up:

Innova 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor:

Highlighted Features

  • Charging monitor
  • LCD screen
  • Battery Tester
  • 12V battery
  • Charging test

A final recommendation is from Innova, a simple and easy charging system monitor that performs critical checks on the voltmeter and provides an in-depth analysis of battery status. Again no smart alerts on the phone app though that doesn’t make it any worse it’s still an effective battery monitor.

Lightweight design with head pivots Display can be rotated to better face the driver or passenger Connects to the car’s auxiliary outlet Designed for 12V batteries Does not work on other batteries 12V Measurement is the default mode.

It tests both the alternator and the battery. The LCD displays symbols that alert the user of what is being tested. There is a symbol for the battery and alternator plus a bar graph that indicates the charge level of the battery. The colored lights are green yellow and red which also measure the charging status and inform the user.

Its design is very user-friendly and very easy to use. Most importantly, the charging monitor requires almost no power, it does not drain the battery at all, and it is also able to work with the engine off.

This Innova product is a good quality note to end the list on. If you don’t care about smart alerts and notifications, you’ll love this reasonably priced charging monitor that checks your battery without opening the hood.


  • Performs charging and battery tests
  • Easy to use and lightweight design.
  • Reasonable price.


  • There are no smartphone app alerts.

The Best Car Battery Monitor – Buying Guide

We’ve come up with a list of detailed reviews that you may have about car battery monitors in general. Here we’ll answer those questions and try to help you make your purchase.

Do I need a battery monitor?

If you are hearing about car battery monitor now, you must be wondering why people use it. A car battery monitor is just like a battery tester. It’s basically the same thing, the only difference is that the monitor allows 24/7 monitoring of the battery without the need to connect the tester to the battery.

Most of the time car battery monitor is very useful and beneficial especially for drivers who use phone charger in their cars and also some car owners have installed other electronic devices in the car which are quite a lot. can damage devices’ charging and power up the battery.

With a battery monitor the driver can see the charge status of the battery if it is too low the driver will know that nothing needs to be charged or powered in the vehicle. Once the driver sees that the battery charge level is high enough using electronics can be done.

Although it’s not absolutely necessary to monitor your battery’s condition in general, it’s always a good idea to have a battery monitor if you frequently charge your phone and power electronics in your car.

Battery Testing

There are some important and useful features and some optional features to look for in a battery monitor. A basic voltmeter test is one of the important features. You are able to monitor battery status with the engine off, battery charging level, and battery charging status.

These are all very important aspects that are very useful to keep track of. If you have an insight into the condition of the battery, you will also know if the battery is good or not. It’s hard to find a battery monitor that can’t perform this test.

Be aware that some products that are a combination voltmeter and car charger may only test the battery and not be a replacement.

LCD screen

Most of the time you’ll be reading the monitor while you’re driving, so it’s important to have a monitor with a clear and readable LCD display. Otherwise, you have to get close to reading the voltage, which is a very dangerous practice while driving and can lead to accidents.

Compact design

You should also consider the design of the battery monitor. An important thing to think about is the connection. There are two types of monitors that you can connect to the battery terminal and those that you connect to an auxiliary outlet.

Most car owners have all the auxiliary outlets already in use so such a model is not an option so they opt for a model with a clamps for the terminals, this is a matter of preference.

Smart Alerts

Finally, check if you want notifications about your phone’s battery status. Some monitors allow you to connect the tester to an app on your phone, where you’ll get smart alerts and notifications.

It’s not absolutely necessary but a really useful thing. Most people who know how to read a voltmeter don’t bother with smart alerts, but if you really don’t know how to test a battery, smart alerts come in handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I monitor my car battery charge?

To continuously monitor the state of charge of your car battery you will need a car battery monitor. This device allows full 24/7 monitoring of battery state of charge and battery voltage.

Do Battery Monitors Work?

Yes, the battery monitor is a very useful device that can be a good replacement for battery testers. This device is a very useful tool for cars that have a lot of electronic devices installed.

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